Abbas Naqdi

EasyYoutubeDL open source script

EasyYoutubeDL is a manager for automating download lists based on youtube-dl


  • download video in (channel &playlist &direct link in youtube and other websites (more than 1000 website)
  • downloadHLS video by direct link
  • add the embeddedsubtitle byYoutube Machine Learning orattached subtitle
  • categorize files as folders
  • maximum download speed with concurrent connections (aria2)
    • ?

Dependency : youtube-dl & ffmpeg

  • In macOS

    brew install youtube-dl ffmpeg aria2
  • In debian base

    sudo apt update && sudo apt install youtube-dl ffmpeg aria2
  • In readhat base

    sudo yum update && sudo yum install youtube-dl ffmpeg aria2
  • In windows

    Step One: Install the Ubuntu WSL terminal
    Step Two: Follow the installation steps in debian Base
How to use this ?
  • Download bash file
  • start comment
    bash -t video -q highest -s en -f ls.txt
    bash -t audio -f ls.txt
    bash -t hls -q best -f ls.txt
  • -t type - default video - for example video, music, hls, audio (only best audio)

  • -q quality (optional) - default highest - for example best, highest, audio (only best audio)

  • -s subtitle (optional) - for example en, fa, fr, ar, sp and …

  • -m max file size (optional) - default 2g - for example 100k, 100m …

  • -p path (optional) - default current path - for example ~/Downloads

  • -f input file (sample of the file is available in the repository)

More information about the project